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Banff Centre - Sally Borden Multiple Projects

Location: Banff, AB

Completion: 2007, 2018 & 2020

Architect: Diamond + Schmitt with Gibbs Gage

TPM has been involved in multiple project at the Sally Borden Building. The first being the vertical expansion of the existing building involving complicated, two level expansion of an existing, multi-purpose recreational complex. The project was completed in three phase over a period of 20 months; the first phase included significant structural upgrades from below basement level footings through two levels of operational space and up through the roof. Phase two included the addition of 20,000 square feet of space that houses a primary banquet kitchen, staff cafeteria and change rooms, two restaurants (400 seats total), a 35 seat wine bar and significant cooking and food display spaces. The final phase of the project included a new elevator/stair tower and significant exterior and landscape upgrades. The second was the design and tendering of a renovation to the main floor and the existing gymnasium. The scope of the project includes the conversion of an existing full court gymnasium space to a new 4,500 square foot fitness facility and a 2,000 square foot yoga studio space. Final project delivery will also include a 2,500 square foot artist's lounge and a dedicated writer's studio space. This project was eventually abandoned due to budget constraints. The third and most recent, completed in October of 2020 addressed aging infrastructure and to improved the energy efficiency of the building. A new air handling unit, heat recovery wheel, steam generators, heat exchangers as well as upgrading the digital controls were installed to accomplish the projects goals. Originally planned and sequenced to be completed while keeping the facility open to the public the team was able to pivot when restrictions were put in place due to the pandemic and achieve efficiencies in scheduling while addressing the lead time associated with equipment delays due to supply chain disruptions resulting from the CoVid-19.

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